Costa Rica: Global Epicenter for the Ecology Prime™ Gateway Launch

Costa Rica will be the geographic center for the launch of the Ecology Prime™ Gateway platform this fall as the anchor for Ecology Prime™ Destinations and charter country for Ecologia Prime. Costa Rica is a global leader in national environmental sustainability and conservation, set to become the world’s first carbon-neutral country by 2021. This is a developing story…

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Ecology Prime™ University Connection

The Ecology Prime™ Hub System will connect students to the professional journalism and publishing spheres as well as with consumers, businesses and other students globally. It’s a platform unlike any other, providing academic credit, professional experience, work assistance support and academic resources. Students are the faces of Ecology Prime™, and they will connect with the world through this unique communications system.

Launched June 2019!

Ecology Prime™ Publications launched in June 2019 with its first book, The Tuscany Dialogues: The Earth, Our Future and the Scope of Human Consciousness, By Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Michael Tobias. Ecology Prime™ Publications includes hardcover, paperback and trade paperback books, eBooks and audiobooks, as well as textbooks and curriculum support books created for Ecology Prime™ university hub classes and related.
International publishers SelectBooks Inc. and Waterside Productions drive the Ecology Prime™ publishing engine backed by world-renown authors and innovative publishing platforms.  Contact SelectBooks publisher, Kenzi Sugihara, or EPMI executive publisher, Jane Engelsiepen, for more information.


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Revenue Streams & Initiatives

A personal use, career development, research/study, entertainment and business development Hub system driven by interconnected business centers, strategic messaging and customization.

Strategic Partners

International partners drive cutting-edge information technology, personal communications messaging and business development throughout Ecology Prime™, benefiting users and corporations regardless of language, culture, interests or ethnicity.

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