Development Team & Board of Directors

Eric McLamb: Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Over 35 years experience in major media marketing, broadcast, communications, environmental media and journalism, partnerships development and related business.

Aleta M. Frost*: Cofounder, President & Chief Operating Officer

Diversified Industry Executive spanning four decades with the ability to analyze complex markets and competitive data across multiple business models and transform analysis into action for investment, strategic and joint venture partnership, acquisition and divestiture.

Dr. Jack C. Hall*: University Development. UNCW - EVS Professor & Asst. Chairman

Founding Chairman of UNCW – Department of Environmental Sciences with nearly 40 years in post-secondary environmental science education. Over 35 years of experience in mainstream national and international media involving environmental programming, marketing & publishing.

Bizgenics Foundation/SaaS Ventures, LLC, Lead Technology Partner
~ Steve Sue**, Founder & Chairman
~ Timothy Caminos**, Co-Founder & Partner

IT and SaaS platform development and management, backed by deep tech, designers and coders and leading AI tech engineers.

SelectBooks, Inc. - Publishing Partner
~ Kenzi Sugihara*, Founder & President
~ Kenichi Sugihara, Marketing Director

The driver of Ecology Prime Publishing, SelectBooks, Inc. is an independent publisher based in New York City serving a mission to bring readers the best from both new authors and proven voices across a diverse set of topics since 2001. In partnership with Waterside Publishing, Inc.

Waterside Publishing, Inc. - Publishing Partner
~ William Gladstone*, Founder & Owner

Partner with SelectBooks, Inc. to support the development of Ecology Prime Publishing with its extensive, successful history of international publishing and distribution since 1982. Waterside has generated tens of millions of dollars with placement of titles in more than forty languages.

Robert Dietrich: Executive Advisor, Finance and Strategic Development **
Over 29 years in international corporate finance and strategic development for small to large companies, including multinational businesses, private and public, from acquisitions and financings to SEC registration coordination.
Jane Engelsiepen*: Senior Vice President, Executive Publisher & CWO

35+ years in digital multimedia business ownership, management, creative direction, graphic design, original content creation, web design, operations and production, television production design and art direction.

Sunny Lewis – ENS*: Executive News Editor in Chief
Veteran international journalist, broadcaster and executive editor has developed a distinguished group of correspondents from around the world who report on environmental news and events. Founder, owner of Environment News Service (ENS).
Mary Lou Davidson*: VP, Marketing & Sales
Veteran of over 30 years in today’s group of rapidly evolving digital media marketplace with in-depth disciplines in advertising, public relations, new and social media, radio broadcasting and brand messaging.
David Elliott*: General Manager
30+ Years in financial development, sales and marketing with concentrated focus on high-security financial compliance.

* Co-founder
** Founding Launch Team.

EPMI Board of Directors

Eric McLamb

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jack C. Hall*
EPMI Education & Science Officer
EVS Founding Chair & Professor
Aleta Frost*

Cofounder, President & Chief Operating Officer

Jane Engelsiepen*
Executive Publisher & CWO
Kenzi Sugihara*
Owner, SelectBooks, Inc.
Mary Lou Davidson*
VP, Marketing and Sales Support
David Elliott*
General Manager
Dr. James de Jarnette**
Owner, de Jarnette & Associates
Jill J. Russell**
Owner & President, Westchester
Insurance Associates

Executive Advisors

Robert Dietrich**
Finance & Strategic Development
Robert Dietrich
Owner – Interlaken, LLC

Lead Technology Partner

Steve Sue**
Bizgenics Foundation –
SaaS Ventures, LLC
William Gladstone*
Waterside Publishing, Inc.

* Co-founder
** Founding Launch Team.