Connect students, faculties, consumers and businesses through a robust, customized news and information network and advanced communications system.

Advance worldwide perspectives and worldwide relevance through a central service.

Provide a transactional system from which all users and businesses will mutually benefit, socially, educationally, career development and commercially.

Deliver a compelling, highly-navigable, authoritative, easy-to-use, “Go-To” resource on and by demand.

Let users customize the service to meet their specific interests and needs.

Popularize environmental matters through entertainment and thought-provoking content applications.

Traverse geo-political borders at the personal, cultural, grassroots and institutional levels worldwide.

Provide for productive and creative interaction between students, teachers, consumers and businesses.

Involve students and faculties in its production and mission. Students will be the faces of Ecology Prime™ and makeup the Ecology Prime Face Base™.

Give consumers deeper insights and connectivity with their environmental interests and concerns than current media offers.

Inspire innovative solutions and provide creative enlightenment.

Popularize all environmental topics through high-end graphics, imagery, compelling insights, study, news coverage and live data.

Directly respond to educational, consumer and business demands.

Conduct all business in accordance with EcologyPrime™‘s Declaration of Principles.