Ecología Prime™: Hawaii

Ecology Prime™: Hawaii
Gateway Between the West and East

Ecology Prime™: Hawaii is the anchor business center and International gateway for Ecology Prime™, linking the East and West as a Hub portal for collaborative ecological studies, eco-exploration and cultural applications for students, consumers and businesses. Based with technology and business partner Bizgenics Foundation® in Honolulu, Oahu, Ecology Prime™ is creating an eco-business activity center in Hawaii for environmental engagement, eco-exploration and advanced global communications in Hawaii, supported by on-site activities in Kauai.

Ecology Prime™: Hawaii is…

An anchor Ecology Prime™ Hub portal connecting Hawaiian students, faculties, citizens and businesses on the day’s environmental studies and dynamics, locally and globally.

The technology headquarters for Ecology Prime™, powered by Bizgenics Foundation® (BGF).

The business anchor for Ecology Prime Destinations™ (EcoDest), the ONLY global travel booking engine fully-dedicated to authentic ecotourism, exploration & learning, virtually and on-site.

The only multimedia hub embracing all eight Hawaiian Islands in the global ecological dialogue.

An activity center for environmental study and exploration for K-12, higher education and consumers, eventually forming an Ecology Prime™ institute and ecotourism center and destination for on-site and virtual engagement.

An environmental news, publishing and syndication bureau for the Ecology Prime Information Network™ (EPIN) in collaboration with students, faculty and correspondents of Environment News Service.

How It Works…

The Ecology Prime™: Hawaii business center and anchor hub is rooted in its partnership with Bizgenics Foundation® and associated company SaaS Ventures, LLC, both based in Honolulu. This is where the full-spectrum technology applications are engineered.

EcoDest, being engineered by Bizgenics, will originate from the Hawaii center in coordination with its Kauai-based ecological interests in travel, education and exploration. This will be in partnership with local travel and hospitality businesses.

Students, faculty and Ecology Prime™ journalists will curate the Ecology Prime™: Hawaii resource hub, connecting with other student resources via EPIN, supported by EPMI.

As a business center, work assistance and other credit for students and others are provided, and the unit can generate other revenue to support its outreach under full license of EPMI.


Aleta M. Frost

Cofounder, President &                Chief Operating Officer

Ecology Prime Media Inc. (EPMI)


Direct: 352-547-9184

Steve Sue
Founder & Chairman
Bizgenics Foundation
Direct: 808-220-6449

Andreas D’Zuro
EPMI Strategic Development Specialist
Direct: 808-482-1876