Ecology Prime™ Foundation

Ecology Prime™ is the result over two decades of individual and collective research, product development and networking by the founders to identify and address the specific needs and demands of the global user base. Comprising the Ecology Prime™ foundation are:

Robust Library

Over 52,000 curated content items including articles, images, photos, video, designs and databases.

Strategic Partnerships

Bizgenics Foundation and SaaS Ventures, LLC — Futuristic, innovative technology connecting people worldwide in a simple, customize-able, easy-to-use platform.

SelectBooks, Inc. – Publishing & Distribution — The driver of Ecology Prime Publishing, an independent publisher based in New York City serving a mission to bring readers the best from both new authors and proven voices across a diverse set of topics since 2001. Partner with Waterside Productions, Inc.

Waterside Productions, Inc. – Publishing -Distribution International — In partnership with SelectBooks, Waterside supports the creation of Ecology Prime Publishing to publish and distribute book-length ecologically-focused content benefiting best practices in solving ecological challenges. Waterside has a history of representing many internationally recognized ecological visionaries.

Environment News Service (ENS) – Nearly 30 years of global environmental news gathering with an extensive archival and current news library backed by reporters in 35 countries .

EcologyPrime™ Global Syndication

Distribution to all websites and news organizations. Beta model currently on Environment News Service.

Extensive relationships with



Science groups and research centers

Faculties and school administrators

Corporations, environmental organizations, international media corporations

Acclaimed authors and journalists

Publishing companies

Production artists

Government groups

Individual scholars

Leaders in environmental education

Dedicated Veteran Management Team

In the areas of strategic corporate development, education, journalism, multimedia, publishing, marketing and sales, pioneering Internet technology, cultural analysis, financial management, and international relations..

Robust Analytics

On media evolution, userbase psychographics and trends in global commerce education.

Clearly Defined Vision and Strategies

The result of long-term analysis of market development and trends.

Technology Applications and Capability

Combining open source and proprietary technology for seamless connectivity between devices and the web, a rich user experience to find, share and distribute data within a collaborative social platform.

Seasoned, Practical Development Plans and Models

For cutting-edge web platforms that will implement Ecology Prime™

International Global Hub System

Media Pool


Visualized Data

Global Campus

Live Dashboard

Rapid-fire Publishing

Global News & Syndication Platform

Private Publishing

Online Resourcing (“Ask a Scientist”).

Extensive research tools & resourcing.

Customize-able Service Platform.

… and growing!