Now in Development….

Ecology Prime™ Publishing: An international publishing alliance with SelectBooks Inc. and Waterside Publishing Inc. for multimedia publishing, ready for immediate launch!

Ecology Prime Passport™: The personal key and gateway for each individual user to access and customize all Ecology Prime™ features, applications and language/communications preferences.

Ecology Prime Connect!™: The global default language system of Ecology Prime™. Revolutionary technology allowing users to connect with and use all content in their own preferred language regardless of the language of origin.

Retail: Electronic and consumer goods purchases, local market driven, Ecology Prime™ branding. Reinforced through global fulfillment partnership.

High School Platform Expansion: This market includes over 7.7% of the world’s population… over 580M students (Source: UNESCO). This also impacts the community at large through faculty, staff and families as well as local businesses and consumers. Expansion projected 18-24 months after the world premiere launch.

Ecology Prime™ TV Network: A natural expansion of Ecology Prime’s video content production and publishing involving extended distribution online, through syndication and as its own dedicated, full-service digital television network.

Ecology Prime™ Sports: Linking sports as a messaging and collaboration tool for all individuals, universities, consumers, businesses and cultures, including professional and college organizations such as NCAA, NAIA, NBA, FIBA, IOC, NFL, PGA, ISF, IPC, et.al.

Global Resource Hubs: Parallel and interwoven with the college hubs, these platforms position cultures and businesses as mainstream resources for research and study focusing on actuality, values, customs and productive social interaction.

Ecology Prime Destinations™: In partnership with Bizgenics Foundation and international ecotourism and wellness associates providing individuals with opportunity to closely study and examine ecological connections worldwide, from their backyard to faraway places, onsite, virtually and at home.

EcologyPrime™ – Navigating the Future Today!