Ecologia Prime

Ecología Prime™ Puerto Rico:
Nexus of Forward Progress
As a founding hub portal anchor of Ecología Prime™, Puerto Rico brings educational intrigue, fortitude and communications momentum to the global stage for the benefit of its students, educators, consumers and businesses through Ecology Prime™. Ecología Prime™ indelibly links to EP’s global collaborative community with a business base to benefit its region and peoples… all with the support of and partnership with Ecology Prime™.

Getting Started – How It Works

EPMI has established Ecología Prime™ as an anchor hub portal and business center, headquartered in Puerto Rico and powered by the Ecology Prime™ team and engine.
Puerto Rico is the founding entity of Ecología Prime™ and will be the anchor hub of activity.
Ecología Prime™: Puerto Rico will be its own business unit within the EPMI business model.
As a business center, work assistance and other credit for students and others are provided, and the unit can generate other revenue to support its outreach, research and educational development with the support of EPMI and its partners.
Ecología Prime™: Puerto Rico will be a leading voice and source of environmental unity and forward progress within the Ecology Prime Global Network™. As an anchor hub, it will lead a reciprocating network of EP users including students, schools, consumers and businesses, regardless of language, connecting all cultures.

Business and Collaborative Values

Ecología Prime™ is installed into the Ecology Prime Information Network System™, with full access and input to its central hub business grid.
Anchor hubs can receive dividends from EPMI’s earnings in addition to dividends paid to investors. Hub investors or sponsors receive ownership stock in EPMI that not only grow in value as the company develops but has dividend options.
The core value is progressive outreach, user proprietorship and global networking bringing support to the Puerto Rico region from within and global exchange. Users, individually and collectively navigate within their areas of interest and concerns.
Ecología Prime™: Puerto Rico provides the beacon and home for security for and growth of its people as a global icon for sound and effective applications in sustainable development.


Aleta Frost
Cofounder, President & Chief Operating Officer – EPMI
​(352) 547-9184

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