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Proprietary Eco-Exploration, Wellness Platform & Booking Engine

Ecology Prime Destinations™ (EcoDest)…

The ONLY Fully-Authentic Ecotourism Platformfully-dedicated to responsible eco-exploration, wellness & learning.

The ONLY Fully-Dedicated Ecotourism Booking Enginefor on-site and virtual eco-exploration and wellness bookings.

Regionally-Anchored EP Destinations Centersincluding hospitality, wellness, education center and news bureaus.

Progressive Economic Impact– Fortified business value and volume.

Strong Positive Local Business Relations through controlled, protective and responsible business practice.

Enriches Local Educationwith global interconnective.

Energizes Local Visibility and Global Appeal.

Destinations Features

Ecotourism & Wellness Center

Dedicated Booking Engine

Education and News Center

Virtual Monitoring Station

Publishing: Local & International

Local Employment

Tourism Economic Impact

EP Global Network Franchise

Anchor Base in Costa Rica

Founding & Anchor Partner of Ecology Prime Destinations™

Proprietary Booking System with EPMI Partner Bizgenics Foundation

Prototype Ecology Prime™ Ecotourism & Wellness Center

Global Ecology Prime™ News Bureau & Publishing Center

Base for Ecología Prime™… Hub for all Hispanic Countries & Cultures

Ecology Prime™ Media and Entertainment Center

Model for Expansion to Hawaii and Other Destinations

Costa Rica Base – Ecology Prime™ Destination

Acreage for lodging, eco-exploration, publishing & educational apps

Proprietary Prototype for Rapid Global Expansion & Affiliation

Marketed through Ecology Prime™ Global Hub Platform from Launch

Proprietary Prototype for Rapid Global Expansion & Affiliation

Aggressive Business Model with International Visibility from Day 1

Caribbean Ecology Prime™ News Bureau, Study Research & Reporting

Student-Faculty-Consumer-Business Events and Special Projects

Center for Responsible Ecotourism and Human Wellness

Local Community and Business Engagement and Economic Impact

Strategic Partners

Bizgenics Foundation and SaaS Ventures, LLC